About Me

Let’s Start With What I Do. . .

I work full time, and I play music part time.  Work life consists of managing a pest control company in Albany, GA.  It’s a family business, and we’ve been incredibly blessed by God to be almost too busy to catch up.  Music life consists of playing in the TJ Mauldin Band and helping to lead worship at Greenbriar Church.  I play electric guitar in both teams.  TJ Mauldin Band will be beginning work in the studio this summer so I’m sure there will be plenty of days wishing for more than 24 hours.

Next to Who I Am & What I Believe. . .

I’m a man with a testimony of accepting Christ as a child and spending my teen and early adult years chasing after what my flesh wanted.  God has gripped my life and has mercifully drawn me back into fellowship with Him.  It’s not easy, and every day is a challenge.  However, the life I lead now is the most fulfilling life that I have led thus far.  Some people laugh off religion as being a crutch for weak people to use to get through life.  In a way, I think that is a true statement.  However, from my point of view, everyone uses some sort of crutch in life.  Some use alcohol, sex, drugs, pride, peers, family, etc.  I use Jesus Christ and what a crutch He is!

Politically, I describe myself as a conservative.  I do this because our society understands labels and not much else.  If you really want to get past the label, you could do so with a three-idea snapshot of my political views.  1) Our government should spend OUR money responsibly.  2) Taxpayers should pay less in taxes.  3) Less government involvement in my life means more freedom.  I’ll be glad to go deeper with anyone willing to have a civilized conversation about life and politics.

How Do I Want My Life to Look in 5 Years?

Hopefully, this goal is accomplished sooner rather than later.  I hope to be a disciple of Christ.  Not the kind of watered-down “disciple” that the world sees today.  Rather, I want to be like one of Christ’s 11 faithful disciples.  The followed Jesus, were taught by Jesus, and were given authority by Jesus to bring healing to the broken and freedom to the captives.  That’s the kind of disciple I want to be.  One with a heart full of love for other people;  a love that overcomes the selfishness in my heart; a love capable of changing the world.


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