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Panic at the Christo!

This is a message intended for American Christians in the wake of the 2012 presidential election.

Pour It Out

Recently, I had the wonderful priviledge of an intimate prayer and worship time with my wife. During this time, I was praying for revival in my heart, revival in my church, revival in THE Church, revival in my city, and revival in our nation.

Fantasy Land

I was thinking about relationships and how in the U.S. we have a really high divorce rate. Some people cite this fact as reason enough to avoid marriage altogether. Others cite is as reason enough to support alternative forms of marriage. To me, this fact is a sad commentary on the state of relationships in our country.

My Generation (series)

My generation has a few characteristics that are prominent and can be quite annoying. I want to discuss these characteristics and their impact on my generation’s secular lifestyle as well as their impact on my generation’s spiritual curiosities.

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Panic at the Christo

This is a message addressed to all Christians who have found a place of despair, hopelessness, anger, and fear following this year’s presidential election.
Today I greet you in the fashion […]

Vacation Time

Today is the first day of a long overdue vacation. My wife and I made the three hour drive to the beach last night, went to sleep, and woke up […]

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Jesus Culture recently made a stop in Atlanta for a one night event. My wife and I attended, and it was amazing. I really hope they will return to Atlanta again soon.